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Amazon files with FCC to launch internet satellites – CNET


Amazon made the next move in the race for satellite broadband internet. 

Blue Origin

Amazon has taken another step toward providing global broadband internet from space through its Project Kuiper. The company filed paperwork with the US government to launch the thousands of satellites needed for the plan.

Amazon submitted its application with the FCC for Project Kuiper on July 4.  The online retailer asked the commission for permission to “launch and operate a non-geostationary satellite orbit system using Ka−band frequencies.” Satellites will orbit 366 to 391 miles above Earth. 

Project Kuiper will use 3,236 low Earth orbit satellites to provide broadband internet globally. “The Kuiper System will deliver satellite broadband communications services to tens of millions of unserved and underserved consumers and businesses in the United States and around the globe,” the company said in the filing.

Meanwhile, Starlink is SpaceX‘s plan to provide broadband access across the world from space, and the company launched its first batch of satellites back in May. Billionaire Richard Branson started this race when his company OneWeb launched satellites for his high-speed internet space project back in February. 

Amazon didn’t immediately reply to a request for comment.

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